Our team provides a wide range of services to get your pain under control.

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Physical Medicine

Physical Medicine focuses on the treatment of disease or pain by means of physical manipulation, heat, electricity, or radiation, rather than by medication or surgery. For more information, visit

Interventional Procedures/Injections

Interventional Pain is medical subspecialty that uses cutting-edge technology and minimally invasive procedures to treat pain and other functionally limiting conditions. For more information, visit

Medication Management

In order for pain to be managed, the source must be identified and isolated. Our precise treatment plans are guided by listening to the patient, focused physical examination, and thorough review of medical records and advanced imaging. For more information, visit


Regardless of the injury, illness, or disabling condition, Restoration Health is dedicated to the patient as a whole. Our rehabilitation services are offered to help regain and maintain quality of life in our patients. For more information, visit

Spine Care

Our team utilizes advanced treatment options for spinal arthritis, herniated discs, sciatica, and degenerative disc disease. We also specialize in complex cases of neck and back pain, working aggressively to establish a personalized treatment plan for every patient. For more information, visit

Sports Medicine

We are experts in treating non-operative and sports injuries. We offer our patients a wide array of treatment options to continue leading an active lifestyle at any age. For more information, visit

MRI & X-Ray

Restoration Health knows our patient’s time is valuable. The last thing a patient in pain wants to do is drive from appointment to appointment. That’s why we at Restoration Health are pleased to offer onsite diagnostic imaging, including X-ray, and an ACR accredited Siemens State of the Art Ultra Wide MRI. Without the high overhead of hospital-based imaging, our talented and professional staff are able to deliver all the advantages of High-Field Performance right in our office, resulting in less travel and lower cost to patients.