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Our physiatrists are experts in designing comprehensive, patient-centered treatment plans. They utilize cutting-edge as well as time-tested treatments to maximize function and quality of life for their patients, who can range in age from infants to octogenarians.

Physical Medicine

Physical medicine focuses on the treatment of disease or pain by means of physical manipulation, heat, electricity, or radiation, rather than by medication or surgery.

Interventional Pain 

Interventional Pain Management is a medical subspecialty that uses cutting-edge technology and invasive procedures to treat pain. 

Pain Management

In order for pain to be managed, the source must be identified and isolated. The precise treatment plan is guided by the history of the pain, the intensity, duration, aggravating and relieving conditions. 


Regardless of the injury, illness, or disabling condition, Restoration Health is dedicated to the patient as a whole. Our rehabilitation services are offered to help regain and restore the quality of life in our patients.

Spine and Back Pain

Our team utilizes advanced treatment options for herniated discs, sciatica, and degenerative disc disease.  We also specialize in acute neck and back pain and work aggressively to establish a personalized treatment plan for every patient.

Sports Medicine

We are experts in treating spine and sports injuries. We offer our patients a wide array of non-surgical treatment options to continue leading an active lifestyle. Restoration Health, we don’t just treat the symptoms; we solve the root cause of the problem.

Minimally Invasive Procedures

Often times the intervention needed to treat the root causation of debilitating symptoms does not require invasive surgery. Our expert team of physicians creates a treatment plan to suit the patient, and restore the quality of life. 

Commonly Treated Conditions

Restoration Health has a broad spectrum of treatment options available for their patients. Review our commonly treated conditions, and feel free to contact our office to schedule an appointment to discuss your condition, and how we can help.

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